The new dimension in driving dynamics.

Precisely tuned drive train configurations, spontaneous power development, increased driving stability, improved steering characteristics, and not least, numerous assistance and safety systems – all of which make the driver's task noticeably easier and provide a brand new driving feel.

What sets the new Actros apart is its outstanding handling characteristics, because the best possible compromise between comfort, direct contact with the road and excellent driveability and controllability have been found. Many drive, chassis and suspension components have also been re-engineered, while tried and tested features have been significantly improved. Thus for instance the optimised responsiveness of the new, high-torque in-line engines and the perfectly matched gearshift strategy of the standard-fit automated transmission provide a much more eager and comfortable starting performance compared with the predecessor.

The hypoid rear axle has also been further optimised. As a result, the power generated in the engine is now transmitted to the road more efficiently than ever before. For maximum suitability for the application, low consumption and thus greater economic efficiency.

The same is true of driving comfort: everything is perfectly coordinated. From the new steering to the wider, stiffer frame and the new 4-bellow air suspension all the way through to the unique, innovative rear axle location*, which accounts for the improved self-steering response and greater lateral stability, for instance.

The tried and tested electronic brake system and Stability Control Assist ensure a high standard of safety, as standard. And optional safety and assistance systems such as the new Attention Assist, the advanced Active Brake Assist 3 and Distance Control Assist with stop-start function assist the driver in stressful situations. Optionally available bi-xenon headlamps, cornering lights, LED daytime running lights and LED tail lamps increase passive safety.

* 4x2 vehicles only; not on the Actros Loader

Driving dynamics | Drive technology

Driving pleasure and economic efficiency.

Engines, transmission, axles – all components in the new Actros are perfectly coordinated. For greater economic efficiency and a noticeably improved driving feel.

Mercedes PowerShift 3.

Efficient and as standard. The advanced, standard-specification Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission immediately and efficiently transmits the tremendous power to the rear axle through precise gear selection and fast gearshifts. The improved shift strategy is equally responsible for this, taking into account factors such as the combination weight, the angle of inclination of the road and the position of the accelerator when selecting the optimum gear. If need be the driver has the option of intervening manually. The selectively engageable "economy" driving mode offers a particularly versatile drive, the "power" driving mode a very dynamic drive and the “fleet” mode an economical drive.

The illustrations and descriptions provided here may include accessories and optional extras. Ask your Mercedes-Benz Trucks salesperson.

Shifting and ride comfort.

Maximum ride comfort. The advanced, standard-specification Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission has various driving modes which ensure maximum ride comfort and optimum profitability in practically every driving situation.

In addition to this, four high-ratio reverse gears and additional functions – such as the opportunity to shift rapidly from 1 to R – increase shifting comfort. The selectively engageable "economy" driving mode supports a particularly economical driving style, the "power" driving mode a very dynamic one.

And moving off is now significantly more comfortable with Mercedes PowerShift, thanks to the new crawl function familiar from the automatic transmissions in passenger cars. It palpably eases the burden on the driver. And the optimised shift sensor system ensures that moving off on a hill is easy by automatically selecting the correct gear. In addition to this the hill holder prevents unintended rolling forwards or backwards and makes moving off on a hill child’s play.

Hypoid rear axle.

Less friction. The hypoid rear axle with single-stage reduction supports the especially good driving feel in the new Actros too. The lower hypoid gear causes less friction and therefore saves fuel. For an optimised drive system configuration, low-frame vehicles and Low-Liners can be fitted with a direct-drive transmission, for example. Meanwhile, there are virtually twice as many rear axle ratios to choose from than for the predecessor – ensuring an optimum, fuel-saving solution for practically any application in long-distance transport.

Driving dynamics | Frame, chassis, suspension, steering

Driving characteristics have been revolutionised.

Frame, chassis, suspension and steering – in the new Actros all the elements unite to form a perfect entity: like Swiss clockwork. The result is a totally new driving feel.

Driving characteristics.

Outstandingly capable, safe driving feel. On the new Actros several innovations – all perfectly tuned with one another – ensure optimised road holding and an outstandingly capable, safe driving feel. The frame track, for example, has been increased by 90 mm to 834 mm. The wider spring track of the standard-fit 4-bellows air suspension also does its bit. Another decisive role is played by the new innovative rear axle guide, whilst the conventional wishbone has been given a discrete design: the points at which the two trailing arms are connected to the rear axle have been positioned further outwards, which means that the rear axle is guided more stably.

The steering is extremely precise and sensitive, thanks to the enhanced steering gear with its improved steering kinematics and finer tuning of the steering forces in accordance with the driving situation. The speed-dependent support from the electronically controlled power-steering pump increases comfort further still. This interplay leads to more transverse stability, fewer rolling movements, less need for corrective steering, plus better understeer/oversteer characteristics – for an outstandingly capable, safe driving feel. In short: we haven’t just improved driving characteristics – we’ve revolutionised them.

The illustrations and descriptions provided here may include accessories and optional extras. Ask your Mercedes-Benz Trucks salesperson.

Suspension elements.

Well-sprung. All the suspension elements in the new Actros have been redeveloped and perfectly tuned to one another: from the suspension in the newly developed seats and the cab mountings available in three variants to the new 4-bellows air suspension at the rear axle – put together it all produces maximum suspension comfort in the workplace, treats the vehicle and its cargo with sufficient care and supports the steering, frame and rear axle guide properties.

Driving dynamics | Assistance and safety systems

Feel safe.

More safety – with assistance and safety systems that actively ease the burden on the driver, treat the vehicle and its cargo with due care and thus help inject more profitability.

Proximity Control Assist with stop-and-go function.

More relaxed when out on the road. Available on request, the new Proximity Control Assist with a stop-and-go function reduces the risk of rear-end collisions by automatically bringing the new Actros to a halt in stop-and-go traffic, for instance, and – as soon as things get going – slowly starts it off again*. This increases safety and ride comfort.

* When the vehicle is stationary for less than 2 seconds

The illustrations and descriptions provided here may include accessories and optional extras. Ask your Mercedes-Benz Trucks salesperson.

Lane Keeping Assist.

On the right track. This system is available on request and is able to detect lane markings. It is always alert and can warn the driver if it recognises that the vehicle is in danger of leaving its lane unintentionally. If this happens, an acoustic warning sounds over the radio’s loudspeakers. The camera mounted behind the windscreen continuously sends images of the road markings to its powerful computer, which monitors the lateral distance between the vehicle and the road markings, raising the alarm if the worst should come to the worst.

Predictive Powertrain Control.

The optionally available, innovative Predictive Powertrain Control system integrates an additional mode to the automatic transmission system that adapts to the topography of the road ahead: drawing on satellite positioning technology and a 3D map, the system identifies the road ahead and any upcoming inclines and reacts accordingly by optimising gear-shift points and cruise control speeds in anticipation of these topographical changes. This can result in additional fuel savings of up to 3%. And in addition to the “economy” driving program, there is now also the “fleet” driving program to support an economical driving style.

Attention Assist.

Warning as fatigue levels increase. The new, optional Attention Assist system can lend an added measure of security. Based on specific factors such as driving performance, it is able to detect increasing fatigue levels and lapses in concentration in the driver, provide visual and audible warnings and recommend a break. Attention Assist is part of the standard equipment in conjunction with the optional Lane Keeping Assist system.

Active Brake Assist 3.

Braking to avoid rear-end collisions. The new Actros can be equipped with Active Brake Assist 3 on request. This safety system is able to prevent an imminent collision with a stationary obstacle or significantly reduce the impact speed of a collision, now via full braking. Accidents can thus be avoided or their severity can be significantly reduced. And if you opt for the Safety Pack Top and Active Brake Assist 3, you will also receive extremely attractive insurance discounts.

Co-driver’s mirror with manoeuvring function.

More vision and safety when manoeuvring. With the optionally available manoeuvring function the co-driver’s mirror is automatically angled approx. 10° outwards at the touch of a button. After approx. two minutes or from a speed of 10 km/h the mirror automatically resumes the driving position again.


High visibility. On request bi-xenon headlamps, the new cornering light function, daytime running lamps and front fog lamps enhance safety and comfort during the journey. The standard-specification follow-me-home lights make climbing in and out more pleasant and also safer.

Sensed fifth-wheel coupling.

Practical component. The optionally available sensed fifth-wheel coupling informs the driver via a display in the instrument cluster whether the fifth-wheel coupling is open or closed. This saves time, plus it increases safety and working comfort.

Safety Packs.

On the safe side. Safety Packs available on request enhance safety and with their low package prices, attractive leasing or financing terms and conditions and lower insurance premiums they also play a part in ensuring more economy.

Basic Safety Pack.

  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Airbag for the driver’s side
  • Proximity Control Assist
  • Roll Control Assist*

Classic Safety Pack.

Includes all the contents of Basic Safety Pack. In addition:

  • Active Brake Assist 3

Top Safety Pack.

Includes all the contents of Basic Safety Pack. In addition:

  • Active Brake Assist 3
  • Secondary water retarder

* Only in conjunction with chassis/cabs