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To stay ahead of the competition, you need vehicles that live up to your high standards in every respect. Given the growing demands for comfort, economic efficiency, driving dynamics and the range of vehicles available on the market, we opted to re-develop and build the Actros from the ground up in order to offer you an optimal vehicle, today and in future.

Brochure "The new Actros. Long-distance transport. 18–26 tonnes" (PDF, 9,7 MB)

Media library | The new dimension


The new Actros


The BossHoss - My Way

Media library | Technical films - Comfort


Newly designed workplace


Multifunction key






Cab access


Step behind cab


Cab tilting


Cleaning the windscreen.


SoloStar Concept


Lighting concept


Stowage compartments


Stowage compartment concept above the windscreen


New beds


New bed concept

Media library | Technical films - Economy


Tyre pressure monitoring system


Super-wide tyres





Media library | Technical films - Profitable end-to-end solution


Overall economy




Fuel consumption


Repair and maintenance


Residual value

Media library | Technical films - Driving dynamics


Shifting and ride comfort


Reverse gears


Crawl mode


Moving off on a hill


Driving feeling




Proximity Control Assist


Lane Keeping Assist


Predictive Powertrain Control


Attention Assist


Active Brake Assist 3


Manoeuvring mirror




Sensor-equipped fifth wheel coupling