Industry-specific vehicle concepts.

With the new Actros Loader and the new Actros Volumer, we have created two industry-specific vehicle concepts which quite simply afford you greater profitability on the road for payload and volume-oriented applications.

"Lower unladen weight, greater payload" is the motto for the new Actros Loader. Specifically designed for the requirements in payload-sensitive sectors, it ranks amongst the lightest trucks in long-distance transport. The new Actros Volumer, by contrast, is visible proof of how semitrailer tractors and platform trucks must be built today to make high-volume transport particularly profitable. It receives high marks for is immense transport volume, fuel-saving drive train configurations and extended range.

Product groups | Actros Loader

For anyone wanting more payload.

The new Actros Loader was designed specifically for the requirements in payload-sensitive sectors. On every trip, you can load on even more. And that pays off.

Closed sidewall.

Outside stowage compartment flap on request only. One of the many weight-reducing measures: to make the Actros Loader even lighter, the cab is delivered as standard with closed right sidewall. This means that the outside stowage compartment flap on this side is available on request only.

The illustrations and descriptions provided here may include accessories and optional extras. Ask your Mercedes-Benz Trucks salesperson.

Non-deselectable equipment and appointments.

Lighter as standard. A key feature of the Actros Loader is its high payload capacity. It starts off lighter because many components and equipment features have been systematically designed for use in payload-sensitive sectors.

  1. Weight-optimised windscreen
  2. No engine suspension lugs
  3. No radiator shutters
  4. Aluminium entrance support
  5. Aluminium battery cables
  6. Weight-optimised rear axle location
  7. Weight-optimised floor covering

Deselectable equipment and appointments.

As you like it. Because we know that payload isn't "everything", you can "deselect" certain standard payload optimisation features on request.

  1. Cab sidewall right, closed
  2. No roof hatch
  3. Lowered bed, bottom
  4. Weight optimised rear cross member
  5. Separate diesel/AdBlue® tank*
  6. Batteries, 140 Ah
  7. No dust guard

* Sample image – shows separate diesel/AdBlue® tank. Standard: combined tank (300 l diesel and 75 l AdBlue®)

Product groups | Actros Volumer

For anyone who needs more space.

Immense capacity, fuel-saving drive train configurations, expanded range: the Actros Volumer is designed to make large-volume transport particularly profitable.

Greater tank volume.

High volume, even for Euro VI. Despite the space-intensive Euro VI exhaust technology, the tanks can accommodate a volume of up to 990 litres in semitrailer tractors. In low-frame platform trucks, it's up to 1000 litres. This gives the Actros Volumer an especially large range for large-volume transport applications.

The illustrations and descriptions provided here may include accessories and optional extras. Ask your Mercedes-Benz Trucks salesperson.

Large-volume transport.

Economical large-volume transport. With a particularly low attachment height of under 900 mm, the Actros Volumer sets the stage for economical large-volume transport. The clear load-floor height of 3 metres and a wide selection of cab variants and application-optimised configurations do the rest.

  1. 11 application-matched variants
  2. Euro VI engines in 13 power ratings
  3. Fuel-saving drive train configurations
  4. Larger tank volume (versus predecessor)
  5. Attachment height of under 900 mm
  6. 3 m clear load-floor height