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The new Actros impresses with significantly reduced total costs.

  • Up to 7% less fuel consumption for Euro V and up to 5% less for Euro VI compared with the Euro V predecessor.
  • Optimised drive train thanks to: economical, efficient engines, shorter shifting times with Mercedes PowerShift 3, application-matched rear-axle ratios
  • Optional: Predictive Powertrain Control, lowering fuel consumption by up to a further 5% with topography-oriented automatic shifting
  • "Economy" and "fleet" driving programs designed to reduce fuel consumption
  • Optimised aerodynamics through aerodynamic cab designs, door extensions* and radiator blinds, for example. Optional aerodynamic wind deflectors, side air deflectors and side panels.
  • Fuel-efficient auxiliary consumers, such as delivery-on-demand compressed-air control, power steering pump and air compressor
  • Low rolling resistance with optional super-wide tyres**, optional tyre pressure monitoring system
  • * Standard on cabs with level floor and 170 mm engine tunnel; not available with 320 mm engine tunnel
  • ** Standard on Actros Loader