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The new dimension in economic efficiency.

When developing the new Actros, we called every aspect into question. The result: a significant reduction in fuel consumption. And particularly low total costs thanks to a range of closely coordinated services tailored specifically to the Actros, such as the standard-fit Mercedes-Benz FleetBoard telematics system. All for a single goal: to increase your profitability.

With up to 7% less fuel consumption compared with the predecessor, the new Euro V series in-line engines overshadow all others. The standard-specification Euro VI engines also set standards – with up to 5% less fuel consumption than the predecessors with Euro V engines. The Euro VI engines come in four displacement categories and 16 power ratings in all, ranging from 175 kW to 460 kW. The interplay between these re-engineered engines with their fuel-saving design and a host of other innovative solutions is what allows the Actros to set new standards in economic efficiency.

Other factors contribute to the significant savings, including the fuel-efficient auxiliary consumers, the optimised standard Mercedes PowerShift 3 automatic gearshift, the streamlined aerodynamics and the innovative Predictive Powertrain Control assistance system.

A highly profitable end-to-end solution – to enable you to take full advantage of the technical potential of the new Actros, we provide service offerings which are even more closely integrated with our trucks. Our efforts in this regard have focussed on a range of different services and service products which are tailored specifically to the re-engineered Actros, contributing to very low total costs and thereby achieving an extremely profitable end-to-end solution.

These include, for instance, the standard use of modern telematics solutions, a comprehensive service contract, attractive leasing and finance conditions with guaranteed high residual values and training techniques designed to reduce fuel consumption. For you, this means lower total costs and greater profitability, day in and day out. From the first day onwards.

Economy | Low fuel consumption

Lots of innovations – one aim: less consumption.

With up to 7% less consumption with Euro V and up to 5% less with Euro VI the new Actros makes pioneering fuel savings possible in comparison with its predecessor.

Auxiliary consumers.

Savings potential of auxiliary consumers. The savings potential that lies behind auxiliary consumers was also tapped yet further: for example the on-demand compressed-air control system, which saves fuel in overrun mode through well-directed provisioning. The power-steering pump makes savings because the support it provides is controlled in accordance with the speed. The consumption-optimised two-stage air compressor with power loss-optimised idling is just one of many examples which contribute to the new Actros’s low consumption. Its lower weight and higher reliability are further advantages. Thanks to the standard-fit electronically controlled water pump less energy is required for cooling the engine than was the case with the predecessor. The new standard-fit radiator shutter improves aerodynamics when closed, therefore saving fuel. The new optional water retarder pays, because it performs up to 85% of all braking manoeuvres wear-free. Plus the optionally available innovative residual engine heat utilisation also helps reduce fuel consumption. What’s more, with the optional hot-water auxiliary heating, the engine and cab can now also be heated separately and therefore more economically.

The illustrations and descriptions provided here may include accessories and optional extras. Ask your Mercedes-Benz Trucks salesperson.

Super-wide tyres.

Reduced rolling resistance, lower consumption. Super-wide tyres for the drive axle are optionally available for 4 x 2 semitrailer tractors. They reduce the rolling resistance and contribute to lower fuel consumption.

Tyre pressure monitoring system.

Full control – during the journey, too. As an option the new Actros can be equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system. It aids the driver when carrying out the daily vehicle check and shows the exact value for each individual wheel in the instrument cluster. Optimum tyre pressure helps ensure less tyre wear, lower rolling resistance and therefore less consumption. Tyre pressure that is too low can result in up to 4% more fuel consumption.

Optimised Aerodynamics.

Sophisticated aerodynamics. When designing the new Actros we tested every individual part extensively – in the wind tunnel and over many millions of test kilometres. This meant that we were able to optimise the specific long-distance-transport design of the cabs right down to the smallest detail. The results of the aerodynamic optimisation work are especially apparent on the StreamSpace cab, for example. The optimised radiator grille with a standard-fit electronically controlled radiator shutter, and the door extensions – which come as standard too – also ensure that the airflow costs you less diesel with the new Actros.

The standard-specification door extensions are also available for all the other cabs – as is the radiator shutter, which also comes as standard.

When closed it improves the aerodynamics and is opened or closed depending on the engine’s cooling requirements. Aerodynamic detachable body parts, wind deflectors, cab side deflectors and side trim panels can also be ordered on request for all the new Actros’s cabs.

Adjustment of air deflectors. The roof spoiler can also be aerodynamically adjusted in a flexible manner, so that the roof of the cab is perfectly matched to the particular semitrailer in question. This reduces the wind resistance and saves fuel.

Economy | Engine and exhaust technology

Engine and exhaust technology.

Staying ahead with Euro V and Euro VI – the re-engineered engines in the Actros boast lower consumption than its economical Euro V-compliant predecessor.


Leading engine technology. Grand savings of up to 7% for Euro V and consumption advantages of up to 5% for Euro VI compared with their already economical Euro V-compliant predecessors. These are the impressive figures of the new 6-cylinder in-line engines, which are available in four displacement categories (7.7 l, 10.7 l, 12.8 l and 15.6 l) and 16 power ratings* in all, ranging from 175 kW to 460 kW. The lower consumption yet improved power development of the engines can be attributed to their highly efficient combustion strategy, supported, amongst others, by the X-Pulse common-rail high-pressure fuel injection system, which injects fuel into each cylinder at pressures of up to 2100 bar. Significantly lower CO2 emissions and reduced particle and nitrogen oxide emissions are further advantages. Below Euro VI, the EEV* emission standard is optionally available as an alternative to Euro V. Further savings are achieved with cooled exhaust gas recirculation: in the Euro VI engines, it ensures that approximately 40% less AdBlue® is used compared with the Euro V engines in the predecessor version.

Where needed, the new engines provide more torque** in 12th gear in conjunction with the new standard, high-geared rear axles. This enables high speed in the low-rpm range with low consumption, even on challenging terrain.

Powerful player, to the extreme. With an engine capacity of 15.6 litres, the new OM 473 6-cylinder in-line engine is the top-of-the-range power plant of Mercedes-Benz trucks. The new Euro VI engine comes in a 380 kW variant with a maximum torque of 2600 Nm, as well as 425 kW with 2800 Nm and 460 kW with 3000 Nm.

* Euro V and EEV available only for 310 kW, 330 kW and 375 kW

** Only for vehicles with standard frame height and 310 kW, 330 kW and 350 kW combined with rear axle ratio i = 2.611 and i=2.533. Not in conjunction with 315/45 tyres

The illustrations and descriptions provided here may include accessories and optional extras. Ask your Mercedes-Benz Trucks salesperson.

Water pump.

Economical engine cooling. Thanks to the optimisation of the standard-specification electronically regulated water pump, less energy is needed for engine cooling than in the previous version – and that saves fuel.

Exhaust technology.

Fewer emissions. The new in-line engines boast low consumption figures and particularly low levels of pollutant emissions.

Common rail high-pressure fuel injection.

Efficient combustion strategy. Common-Rail high-pressure fuel injection allows for particularly efficient, low-emission combustion of the fuel in nearly all driving situations. This contributes to low consumption, reduced CO2 emissions and ultimately to low costs.

Economy | Profitable end-to-end solution

Profitable end-to-end solution.

End-to-end solution for greater economic efficiency. With the new Actros, you have the opportunity to exert a positive influence on key cost factors, thereby achieving further significant gains in long-distance yields. Through innovative vehicle technology. And with perfectly coordinated services which help you to even better exploit the tremendous economic potential of the Actros.

Overall economy.

Every truck incurs costs. Ours provides savings. The overall economy of a truck is determined by many different factors. With the new Actros, we begin where you can actively and positively influence your costs. With fuel consumption, for example, or maintenance and repair. Or even with acquisition costs. And because the residual value of your truck is almost as important as the original investment, we break the acquisition costs down into investment and residual value.

The illustrations and descriptions provided here may include accessories and optional extras. Ask your Mercedes-Benz Trucks salesperson.


The overall economy of a truck is determined by many different factors. With the new Actros, we begin where you can actively and positively influence your costs. With fuel consumption, for example, or maintenance and repair. Or even with acquisition costs. And because the residual value of your truck is almost as important as the original investment, we break the acquisition costs down into investment and residual value.

Mercedes-Benz Services.

Alongside outstanding vehicle technology, tailor-made services also help to achieve savings. The basis for most services is FleetBoard: an Internet-based telematics service which, with FleetBoard Vehicle Management or FleetBoard Time Management for instance, epitomises modern vehicle and transport management. It is not uncommon for FleetBoard Performance Analysis to reveal fuel savings of up to 10%. And when opting for a Full Service contract and use of FleetBoard "Service" and "Uptime" products, you have a further price advantage in store. Over and above this, the CharterWay mobility solutions support the economic efficiency of the new Actros. CharterWay Service helps you to secure repair and maintenance services according to your personal needs. CharterWay ServiceLeasing combines the individual CharterWay Service Products with attractive leasing offerings. And with CharterWay Rental you can make up for any capacity shortfalls. And remember: attractive leasing and finance products from Mercedes-Benz Bank help to achieve savings and underscore the value of the Actros as a worthwhile investment. Because the best truck is the right truck.

Fuel consumption.

Expenditures for fuel are the largest cost factor in long-distance transport. Significant cost reductions can be achieved through a well-designed interplay of vehicle technology and services such as FleetBoard Performance Analysis and further driver training courses. In this way, the new Actros allows up to 7% less fuel consumption for Euro V compared with its predecessor and up to 5% less for Euro VI. And with the optional Predictive Powertrain Control assistance system, further fuel savings of up to 5% are possible. FleetBoard Performance Analysis enables an objective evaluation of driving style and prevents drivers reverting back to their old high-consumption driving style. And with the help of the standard FleetBoard EcoSupport System, drivers can continually optimise their driving style. Over and above this, Mercedes-Benz EcoTraining teaches a driving style which achieves fuel savings of up to 10%. In short: a good truck is made even better by its driver.

Maintenance and repair.

Maintenance and repair don't just cost money, they also restrict vehicle availability. In order to keep the time and costs involved in maintenance and repairs particularly low, we have developed a coordinated service offering for your Actros: Mercedes-Benz Truck Maintenance Management* and Mercedes-Benz Telediagnostics. FleetBoard is the basis for both of these services. With Mercedes-Benz Truck Maintenance Management, service data and information about parts subject to wear are regularly transmitted to your service partner. The advantage: maintenance work which is due can be scheduled at your convenience to be completed in one appointment. In the event of a breakdown, Mercedes-Benz Telediagnostics sends error codes and position data to the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Centre and forwards them to a workshop located in the vicinity of your truck. In short: ideal conditions so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. The truck can only make money when it's on the move.

* Standard in conjunction with FleetBoard "Service" and "Uptime" products

Residual value.

Your truck's residual value is almost as important as the original investment. After all, the higher the residual value is at the end of the service life, the lower the acquisition costs are for a new truck. If you want to know how much you can expect when reselling your vehicle, you can request a buy-back price as soon as you purchase your new Actros via the TruckStore Buy-Back Service. A value for the future which you can bank on. Because a first-class truck is an investment for the next truck.