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Brochure "The Actros. Long-distance transport. 18–44 tonnes gcw. Heavy haulage. Up to 250 tonnes gcw." (PDF, 9,20 MB)

If you want to stay ahead, you need vehicles which deliver top performance not just on the road, but on your balance sheet, too. The Actros has what it takes to excel in both respects. Because it provides a high level of comfort. Because its many fuel-saving, innovative technical features and perfectly matched support services make it distinctly profitable to operate. Because it offers an effortless, safe and superior driving experience. And because the wide range of equipment and model versions means that it is possible to configure a truck which is a perfect match for practically any long-distance haulage task.

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The new Actros


The BossHoss - My Way

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Newly designed workplace


Multifunction key






Cab access


Step behind cab


Cab tilting


Cleaning the windscreen


SoloStar Concept


Lighting concept


Stowage compartments


Stowage compartment concept above the windscreen


New beds


New bed concept

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Tyre pressure monitoring system


Super-wide tyres





Media library | Technical films - Profitable end-to-end solution


Overall economy




Fuel consumption


Repair and maintenance


Residual value

Media library | Technical films - Driving dynamics


Shifting and ride comfort


Reverse gears


Crawl mode


Moving off on a hill


Driving feeling




Proximity Control Assist


Lane Keeping Assist


Predictive Powertrain Control


Attention Assist


Active Brake Assist 3


Manoeuvring mirror




Sensor-equipped fifth wheel coupling